Centrally located in a quiet side street in  Barcelona´s fashionable  Borne District,
this  small     jewelry   store   offers  a   selection  of rare antique heirloom pieces,
tribal adornments, rich gemstone   chokers, and a unique collection of exclusive
handcrafted contemporary designs, many of which feature ancient Phoenician,
Greek and Roman archaeological elements.
Maka Abraham  –  degrees in History and Anthropology – personally sources and
researches all the pieces that  she finds mainly in India, but also the Far East and
North Africa, and in auction houses in Paris.
Every jewel has  a story  to  tell,  and  for  whoever  would like to own a piece of
history  to wear, Moska, housed in its atmospheric  museum-like setting designed
by Catalan architect Tito Dalmau , is a veritable treasure trove.






FLASSADERS 42/ MOSQUES 3 08003 BARCELONA TELF:0034 933101701 / 0034 659680553 info@moskabarcelona.com